2020's Top 13 Best Charcoal Grill Under 200: Buying Guide

Is there anything better than the aroma of steaks or hamburgers sizzling on a charcoal grill on a hot summer day? If there is, we cannot think it.

Many people enjoy cooking on charcoal grills because of the unique smoky flavor that they add to meals. But it is quite challenging to find a high-quality charcoal grill if your budget is $200.

For this reason, we have compiled some information here to help you find the best charcoal grill for your needs. And each of these grills retails for under $200. All you have to do is go through the list and find one which best matches your needs. Our selection is based on:

  • Price
  • Usability
  • Durability
  • Customer reviews

Comparison chart Of Cheap Charcoal Grill

Here are the best charcoal grills selling for less than 200 bucks. These models have captured the current market in terms of features, reliability, and cost.





Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill

800 square

Weber Kettle Original Charcoal Grill

508 square

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro Charcoal Grill

580 square

Weber 10020 Smokey Portable Grill

147 square

Cuisinart Gratelifter Portable Charcoal Grill

240 square

Char- Griller E06614 Kamado Charcoal Grill

153 square

Dyna-Glo Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grills

350 square

Coleman Propane Grill

285 square

What is The Best Charcoal Grill Under 200 - Reviews

1. Royal Gourmet CC1830S BBQ Charcoal Grill 

If you are one person obsessed with roasts, then this charcoal grill is what you need. It has three main features, on top of other additional ones. It comes in different but usually beautiful designs. Also, it is easy to move around your property due to its plastic wheels.


It looks compact on the outside, yet spacious on the inside. It can grill simple foods like hot dogs and burgers. But also, it can accommodate huge ones like a whole chicken and turkey.

Its beautiful design makes it presentable and appealing to the eyes. It has a one-touch button that makes cleaning easy. A single press pushes all the ash and other dirty materials into the ash-catcher.

Other features and benefits 

The grill comes equipped with a total of 800 square inches of cooking area. It has an enamel lid that works together with the bowl to retain moisture. This gives you the best charcoal flavor ever.

It has an installed thermometer that measures the core temperature of your food while cooking. The flexible wheels make it easy for you to move your grill anywhere. The hinge helps to hold the cover as you turn your food or as you add charcoal.


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Generally, charcoal is dirty.

2. Weber Kettle Original Charcoal Grill

It is beautifully designed with a glossy look on the outside. It is ideal for burgers because of the installed weber burger press. It looks small yet can grill 13 hamburgers in one go. In case you are a color-specific person, it comes in 3 colors. They are black, green, and copper.


It has got features that make charcoal grilling easy and fun. The lid and the enamel bowl traps moisture. Therefore, this makes your roast moist and juicy. The cooking grate has got hinges, which simplifies the process of adding charcoal as you roast. It allows a continuous cooking process.

Other features and benefits 

The lid and bowl help trap moisture. Therefore, the final roast is moist and juicy.It has got a one-press button for cleaning. When you press it, ash and other dirty particles drain into the ash-catcher. This makes the cleaning process easy.

It has sturdy wheels that can withstand most surfaces. Therefore, you can wheel it around your backyard easily. It is installed with an internal thermometer. It notifies you when your roast is ready.


  • Has an internal thermometer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wheels for movement.


  • It exposes you to soot that is said to be cancerous.

3. Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro Charcoal Grill

It has a firebox and offers 830 inches total cooking space. This is enough for a family and roast party. It is made of heavy gauge non-stick cast iron. This makes it durable and prevents warping.


It meets the requirements of the Texas-style BBQ smoker. It is crafted out of heavy-iron steel which makes it durable. Also, it is covered with powder-dust that further emphasizes its durability.

The non-stick cast iron grill prevents warping. It has an adjustable fire grate to help you adjust the heat to your desired temperature.

Other features and benefits 

The non-stick cast iron avoids warping. It offers a big cooking space of 580 square inches. It can roast for people ranging from a small family to a medium gathering.

It has an adjustable fire grate, which gives you room to adjust the heat to either high, medium, or low. It has an installed heat gauge to help you read and adjust the heat.

It is crafted out of heavy steel that makes it durable. Its outside has a powder coat finish to give it a durable color.


  • A big cooking surface of 830 square inches.
  • Has an adjustable fire grate.
  • Made out of heavy steel.
  • Double bottom.


  • Heavy steel makes it heavy to move around.

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4. Weber 10020 Smokey Portable Grill

It is lightweight and compact. It is the ideal grill for those on the go. It has an enamel bowl and lid that retains moisture.


It looks compact on the outside but has enough room for cooking. It has a porcelain-enameled lid and bowel that give it a glossy look. Also, enamel doesn't peel or rust, which provides it with a lasting glossy look.

It has a Weber burger press that can take five burgers in a row. The cooking grates made of steel are easy to clean. Besides, it retains heat; therefore, it can roast for a long time even when charcoal is used up.

Also, it doesn't rust, therefore giving it a lasting gloss. It is the ideal grill for people with very small backyards. It has dampers that help with regulating heat.

Other features and benefits 

It has a weber burger press that takes five burgers at any one point. The device is lightweight and compact hence easy to move to different places. It has an enamel bowl and lid that retains moisture. This makes the final roast juicy.

It has steel plated grates that can be easily cleaned. Also, it traps heat and, therefore, can cook for a long time without adding more charcoal. Its compact size makes it easy to roast on-the-go. Also, it is ideal for people with very small spaces.


  • It is portable.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Easy to put build.


  • It cannot roast for bigger families and parties due to limited space.

5. Cuisinart CCG-100 Gratelifter Portable Charcoal Grill

If you are one person obsessed with outdoor cooking and charcoal flavored meats, the Cuisinart charcoal grill is for you. It offers you the convenience and quality of Cuisinart.

It features a unique lifting system that accesses a charcoal bed without getting in contact with the cooking grate. When the lift is engaged, the grate rises out of the way as you open the lid.


The Cuisinart gratelifter is a thoughtful and all-round charcoal grill. It is installed with a gratelifter charcoal management system.

It allows you to maximize flavor as you minimize problems associated with charcoal grilling. You need to engage the lift, and the grate will rise when you open the lid. This makes your roasting clean because the grate doesn't get in contact with the charcoal bed.

Other features and benefits 

It has a green enamel-coated lid that gives it a beautiful design. It has a big cooking space of 240 square inches. It can roast for a family and a big party. It features a lift that, when engaged, lifts the grate as the lid opens. Therefore, the grate doesn't get in contact with the charcoal bed.

Alternatively, you can also choose to open the lid as the grate remains in position. For instance, when you want to start the coals or add more for much longer cooking. Also, it has a large ash collection for easy cleaning. The precision airflow system helps with temperature management.


  • In-built temperature gauge.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Big cooking space.


  • Lacks wheels for easy movement.

6. Char- Griller E06614 Kamado Charcoal Grill

The kamado design is known to be energy efficient. Therefore it uses less charcoal. It is built with triple wall steel that makes it durable. With a char-griller charcoal stove, you can enjoy seared meat on a high temperature or a slow roast that absorbs all the flavors. It is a versatile yet small grill smoker that is perfect for a charcoal flavored roast.


It is versatile hence can be a grill or a smoker. It is built with triple-walled steel walls to allow durability. It can cook within temperatures of 200-700 degrees. Also, it has adjustable dampers that control airflow in the grill as it cooks.

Its design triple walls allow for heat retention; hence is energy sufficient. It features an outside coated with powder, which makes it long-lasting. With a kamado charcoal grill, you can enjoy a slice of seared meat on high temperature cooked faster.

Or you can enjoy a slow roast that absorbs most flavors.

Other features and benefits 

It has triple steel walls that allow insulation hence retaining heat. This makes it energy efficient as you use less charcoal. It has a bottom and top adjustable dampers which maintain uniform airflow into the grill.

The outside is coated with a powder that makes it long-lasting. The inside is porcelain coated, which allows clean cooking. It has a temperature gauge that maintains the temperature within 200-700 degrees.


  • Tripled-walled to retain heat.
  • Perfect for slow smoking or high seared meat.
  • Is versatile.
  • Energy efficient.


  • Exposes you to carbon monoxide that is harmful.

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7. Weber 14402001 kettle Premium Charcoal grill

If you are looking for a grill with enough cooking area, long-lasting, and easy to move around, Weber charcoal grill is it. It features a grilling space of 363 square inches of grilling space.

It has an enamel lid and bowl that makes it durable. Also, the lid has a handle that makes it easy to open and close. It also has an angled hook that allows you to hang the lid on the side.


It has a one-touch button for easy cleaning. When you press it, all the dust and debris is swept into a removable ash catcher. Also, it has adjustable dampers to allow you to control the heat without removing the lid. When you close the lid, you cut off oxygen hence extinguishing the fire. Its cooking grate retains heat and is easy to clean. Also, it is hinged to allow you to add coal easily.

Other features and benefits 

It has a one-button push for easy cleaning. One press on the button sweeps all the dust into the ash catcher. Its lid and bowl are enamel coated for durability.

The cooking grate has a hinge, which allows you to add coal as you grill.It has adjustable dampers to control the temperature. When you close the dampers, you cut off oxygen supply hence extinguish the fire.


  • Adjustable dampers.
  • Durable wheels for easy movement.
  • Tool hooks.


  • Charcoal grills are dirty compared to gas grills.

8. Royal Gourmet CD1824A Charcoal Grill

It is one charcoal grill that will offer you value for your money. It gives you enough cooking space to grill for a large group of people. It has two grilling areas that give an overall big cooking area. A primary cooking area is 393 square inches, and the secondary cooking area is 205 square inches.


It features a porcelain cooking grate that makes the grill durable and long-lasting.

It has a heavy-duty lid for durability.

It has a crank handle that helps charcoal pan to adjust to different positions. This makes it easy to add charcoal as you grill.

It has two fixed side shelves that help you keep your tools organized.


It gives a big cooking area that allows you to cook for a big group of people.

It has a heavy-duty lid for durability.

The crank handle allows the charcoal pan to adjust hence allowing easy adding of coal.

It has two-sided shelves and the bottom one to keep your tools organized.

It has a unique charcoal pan with holes to allow even airflow. This makes burning efficient and requires less coal.


  • Two side damper designs.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Easy-lift charcoal pan.


  • It's not portable.

9. Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D Premium Charcoal Grill

The dual-chamber charcoal grill has made cooking with charcoal stylish. It has a removable firebox divider that allows you to divide the cooking area or expand it. This depends on the food you want to cook and the number of people. It comes with two charcoal trays which adjust separately.


It has an adjustable firebox divider for dual or single cooking zones. This depends on the number of people you are cooking for and the amount of food. Also, it has both primary and secondary cooking areas hence offer a big surface for cooking. They measure 576 and 240 square inches, respectively.

Other features and benefits 

The adjustable firebox divider allows you to divide the cooking zones. You can have a big single cooking zone or a dual smaller cooking zone.

It has two charcoal trays that adjust separately. It allows you to adjust temperature separately in case you are cooking two separate meals that require different temperatures. It has a high capacity ash pan for easy cleaning.

Its front firebox and lid are double-walled to reduce heat loss. Also, they make it durable.


  • Adjustable firebox divider.
  • Two charcoal trays.
  • High capacity ashcan.


  • It is not portable.

10. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

It uses a patented tray, which makes temperature control easy. This is achieved by allowing more efficient burning and retaining heat. It has the charcoal grill and its grill cover. The cover protects it from bad weather and physical damage. It has a big cooking area measuring a total of 360 square inches.


Its front access door is cast with iron for durability. Also, iron allows heat retention, thereby consuming less energy. Besides, it has sealed seams for UV protection and water resistance. It has a total cooking surface of 360 square inches.

This is further divided into primary and secondary cooking surfaces. They measure 480 and 180 square inches, respectively.

Other features and benefits 

It has a patented tray that allows for more efficient burning. Also, it effectively retains heat hence energy saving. The front access door is cast with iron to allow heat retention.

It has a big cooking surface of 360 square inches. It has an adjustable height control pan that lowers or raises the charcoal pan. Therefore, it adjusts heat and temperature control.


  • Patented drip tray.
  • Temperature control.
  • Adjustable height control pan.


  • Not convenient for roasting on–the-go.

11. Blackstone 1819 Griddle Charcoal combo

This combo offers you the best of two worlds, the charcoal grill side, and the griddle side. The charcoal grill caters to those people that love their charcoal flavored roasts. On the other hand, the griddle top uses propane. Both pieces can be separated and put far away from each other.


The Blackstone griddle charcoal combo is versatile. It offers the best of both worlds. You can replace your grill with a Blackstone griddle to make life much easier. This makes it easy to assemble and use. Then you can be outdoors enjoying nature rather than cooking.

Other features and benefits 

The Blackstone grill is made of a powder-coated frame for durability. Also, the frame is made of black steel to make it long-lasting. You can replace your standard grill with a Blackstone griddle that is easier to use.

It has two strong wheels that make moving from one place to another easy. When you remove the griddle, then transportation also becomes much easier. Since its dual, you can decide whether to use charcoal or propane. The choice is yours.


  • Versatile.
  • Duo griddle.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Propane can easily catch fire and cause accidents.

12. Smoke Hollow 8500 Lp Gas/Charcoal Grill

It offers you a variety of options to choose from. It has three-burner gas grills and a charcoal grill. Also, you can add more flavor to your food with the side smoker box. It offers a wide cooking space of 1,435 square inches. If you are not obsessed with charcoal flavors, then the three gas burners will work well for you.


You can use either the three gas burners to cook your food or use the charcoal grill if you are obsessed with flavor. Also, the side smoker box adds smokehouse flavor to your food. Also, the side burner can be used to add more smoke flavors. It has a big cooking surface of 1,435 square inches.

Other features and benefits 

The three gas burners offer convenience and faster cooking. The charcoal grill is perfect for people obsessed with charcoal flavor. Also, the side smoker box adds smokehouse flavor to your roasts.

It requires assembling following the user manual. The gas part makes it even much easier to clean. There is no ash created like the charcoal grill generates.


  • Convenient.
  • Versatile.
  • Big cooking surface.
  • Gas is generally cleaner than coal.


  • Hard to assemble.

13. Char-Broil 12201570-A1 Offset Smoker

It takes you back to the smoking basics of Char-Broil American Gourmet smoker.

Since 1948, it has been rated among the best American grill brands. And this model has a smoke chamber that helps with temperature control by minimizing air drafts. It is made out of quality materials that make it reliable and durable.


It has a porcelain-coated grate for easy cleaning. Also, it retains heat, thereby ideal for cooking for an extended time. It has a firebox ash door which allows ash to be easily removed. It has three charcoal grates that allow the smoker to grill perfectly. Besides, it has a cooking surface of 605 square inches.

Other features and benefits 

The porcelain-coated cooking grate is easy to clean. They also retain heat for an extended time of cooking.

The firebox ash door allows easy access to ash and therefore is easy to drain. It has a big cooking surface area of 605 square inches. Therefore, it can cook for a sizable number of people.

It is constructed out of steel, which makes it durable. Steel also retains heat, which increases its cooking time. The smoke chamber reduces air draft hence helping in temperature control.


  • Durable.
  • Temperature control.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Porcelain grated cooking grates.


  • Hard to assemble.

Charcoal Grill Under 200 - A Complete Buying guide

Gas grills are simple and easy to use. They are also cleaner than charcoal grills. However, charcoal models should not be overlooked. They are cheaper and produce more smoke for tastier foods. With that said, it is not easy to choose a grill that suits your needs and budget.

To help you make your choice, we have outlined the different factors to consider before buying a charcoal grill.


For the grill body, choose stainless steel or robust steel. These materials retain heat better and stand the test of time. As for the cooking grid, you have two main options: stainless steel or cast iron.

Total cooking space

Before buying, take into account the size of your garden, balcony, or patio, as well as the number of people for whom you are going to cook. A large grill allows you to cook several foods simultaneously on the same grill. If you plan to bring your charcoal grill to a camp, make sure it is portable.

The smoking function 

The majority of popular grills will only allow you to place the food on top of the hot coals. But in addition to grilling, some grills can smoke food with indirect heat.

Indirect cooking

Indirect cooking allows you to cook your food a little more slowly without burning it. It's similar to an oven and is ideal for veggies, fish, poultry, roasts, and rotisserie cooking. But you need a larger cooking grill to turn the meat over to avoid the high temperatures.

The temperature control system 

Precise temperatures are difficult to reach with charcoal grills. But if you want a little more control over the heat, opt for a device with upper and lower vents. You can increase or decrease the temperature of the grill more effectively. Preferably also choose a device whose grid height you can adjust.

The method of ash disposal 

To simplify the task of removing the ashes, choose a device delivered with a removable collecting tray. It should have high edges to avoid scattering the ashes when you go to empty it.


They allow you to extend the use of the appliance to something other than grilling. However, they are typically sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Charcoal Grills

How to properly maintain your charcoal barbecue?

The maintenance of charcoal grills is quite easy. In fact, you will need to remove the ash from your barbecue after each use. The removal of the ash should not be immediate. It is recommended to wait at least half a day before emptying the ashtray. It is also essential to clean the grills from time to time.

Can I use a charcoal grill on the balcony?

Before you use a grill on your balcony, you should check your rental agreement to see if it is allowed. Otherwise, a warning may be issued. In the worst-case scenario, it may lead to termination of your apartment contract.

How do I store my charcoals?

Charcoals should always be stored in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, they can become damp and brittle. Also, they lose burning or glowing properties. In the worst-case scenario, you will be forced to replace them with new ones.

How do you properly light a charcoal grill?

You need a grill lighter to light the charcoal. It is available in either solid or liquid form. Alternatively, you can also use small pieces of split wood.


The category of charcoal grills under $200 provides a wide range of grills where you can choose from. The grills we have listed above ensure that you get what you need, according to your budget. They come equipped with excellent features and specs that make grilling a breeze. They are cost-effective, convenient, and efficient.

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